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Tri-State Hindu Heritage School


To provide an exciting, encouraging and fun-filled environment to promote, instill and foster the Hindu religion, values, and culture in children ages 3 and above.

To create an educational environment for children through appropriate activities conducted by committed and professional volunteers.

Youth group at our temple:
Please see the Youth Group page as more details are posted there about the group.

Application for Educational Scholarship

Material presented at previous meetings:

Useful Information:

What we intend to do: Activities will include the following, and are not limited to shlokas, meditation, yoga, bhajans, and prayers.
The curriculum will incorporate Hindu values, Hindu epics (Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc.), and other commonly taught Hindu stories within our culture. These will include discussions of Hindu scriptures (Gita, Upanishads, etc.), festivals and their significance.

Children may also participate in local community activities representing our temple. Children may be divided into groups for more age appropriate discussions and activities as necessary.

Education Committee:
Mahesh Moolani
Kuldeep Pandit
Veera Ponna
Daya Krishna
Shyamala Srithar
Dhiren Haria
Deepa Kumbar